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AI Tools For Serious
Growth Investors

Invest with Master Investors in the top one percent of growth companies: the most unique, dynamic creators of wealth in America.

  • Financial statement momentum: Every month Risk Research software combs through the financial statements of all public companies looking for opportunity.
  • Take advantage of favorable pricing in great companies. AI probability analysis (pattern recognition) software determines entry points based on volatility patterns that have led to particularly profitable positions over the last year. The software continuously updates “Buy At” prices throughout the market day.

Identify US public companies with explosive growth potential:

• Software tools that continually scan all public companies looking for characteristics that indicate MultiBagger potential: rapidly increasing sales, increasing margins and declining debt. At any one time, fifty to sixty companies out of the thousands of public companies qualify.

• Position timing based on artificial intelligence pattern recognition.

• Performance-based subscription cost — any month in which the Risk Research portfolio doesn't outperform the S&P 500, your cost is $1.

SuperGrowth MultiBaggers

Companies possessing income statement and balance sheet characteristics indicating the potential to return many times the original investment to long-term holders.

Master Investor Holdings

The largest positions in the portfolios of the ten growth investment managers with the best ten-year performance.

Summary Reports allow subscribers
to easily compare all growth companies, one to another.

EVVTY - Evolution Gaming ROA

Eleven-page reports on each Master Investor Holding and SuperGrowth MultiBagger demonstrate at a glance long and short-term trends in balance sheet, income statement and free cash flow.

Well over one hundred high-growth companies in total tracked quarterly, weekly, daily and hourly.

Artificial Intelligence software continuously tracks the market
to take advantage of mispricing opportunities in exceptional growth stocks during periods of market weakness.

Subscribers can opt-in to receive automatic emails whenever a stock declines
to the Algo-indicated “Buy-At” and, for shorter term positions, “Sell At” levels.

Experience The Power
Of Risk Research Al Software

Put the power of Risk Research Inc. software tools to work for you. Request a personalized demo and see how it can make a major contribution to your growth stock portfolio.

Our Fee Structure Reflects Our Confidence In The Research

  • The cost of the research is either $1 or $1000 a month, depending on whether or not the Risk Research model portfolio outperforms the S&P 500. It is not easy to do.
  • Over 90% of all mutual and hedge funds do not outperform the S&P 500.(1)
  • At the beginning of each month subscribers pay $1 for their subscription. At the end of each month in which the Risk Research portfolio outperforms the S&P 500, subscribers cover the balance of the $1000 research fee. Sub-par performance means a total fee of just $1 for the month.
  • There is also a $5,000 a year flat fee option.
  • We can offer this arrangement because most months the research has outperformed the S&P by a substantial margin.

(1) The probability of beating a benchmark for three consecutive years was only 2.4%-3.7%. Out of all the actively managed funds available in the U.S. (1,765 on average), only 30 large-cap managers, 10 mid-cap managers, and 20 small-cap managers possessed this rare skill. “

Aye Soe, Managing Director, S&P Dow Jones Indices, “Can You Beat the Market Consistently?”

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