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Risk Research AI software
Software, previously unavailable to individual investors, constantly combs through the portfolios of the most successful growth stock investment funds looking for patterns indicative of extraordinary return potential.


Invest in success:

The fastest-growing, low debt public companies in America.

Invest in the positions held by the most successful growth portfolio managers of the last ten years.

Buy exceptional growth at advantageous prices. Stock prices are more volatile than the financial performance of the underlying businesses. Successful investors use that volatility to their advantage. Risk Research AI software identifies volatility patterns associated with extraordinary returns.

Top-performing growth funds have huge research budgets, and superb track records. You can benefit from that.

Research that identifies US public companies with explosive growth potential.

What Makes Risk Research Different?

The top one percent of long-term market performers possess common characteristics:

  • High rates of revenue growth.
  • Improving return on assets by operating free cash flow based on expanding margins, increasing asset turnover, or both.
  • Steadily improving free cash flow.
  • The ability to grow without the need for outside capital. Only the highest-quality companies offering unique products or services can growth without additional outside capital.
  • Reasonable price to value (price to free cash flow, price to earnings) ratios offering the potential for multiple expansion. Approximately half the total long-term return of SuperGrowth MultiBaggers is the result of P/E expansion.

Each quarter, Risk Research software combs through the financial statements of all public companies identifying SuperGrowth MultiBaggers with exceptional growth potential.

Subscriber Access Includes:

  • Weekly Portfolio Updates
  • “Buy On Weakness” Entry Points Identified By Proprietary Pricing Software
  • Summary & Detailed Financial Statement Trend Analysis On Each SuperGrowth MultiBagger
  • Articles On Investing Strategy
  • Exclusive articles by industry experts
  • Interviews Of CEOs and Top Investment Managers With Positions In SuperGrowth MultiBaggers
  • Access to forums and comments from top professional investors.

SuperGrowth MultiBaggers

This website and research are focused on one objective: Identify and understand US public companies with explosive growth potential.




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