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About Us

Risk Research Inc., publisher of SuperGrowth MultiBaggers, was founded in 2013 as a consulting firm and software developer for mutual and hedge funds. The firm evolved out of Roderick MacIver & Co. Inc., founded in the 1980s, which provided research to over a hundred institutional and corporate investors including the Royce Value Trust, Fidelity and T. Rowe Price. (See Barron’s Article Texas Will Rise Again, And Rod MacIver Tells How To Play The Recovery).

To reduce the amount of travel involved in consulting work and client meetings, our focus has gradually shifted to providing research and AI pattern recognition analysis to professional growth investors on a subscription basis.

Roderick MacIver

Rod has been involved in real estate and stock/bond market investing since 1978.The businesses he has founded and built include Heron Dance Press, which grew at over fifty percent a year for fifteen years. That experience has been important to the development of the analytical techniques that underlie this work.

His business career began as a commercial real estate agent and investor in small apartment buildings. He managed money in his mid-twenties with Connor, Clark in Toronto, and then founded Roderick Maclver & Co. Inc., an investment research firm, in NewYork City.

In addition to his business career, Rod was a successful nature artist for twenty-five years. He’s published several books of his art and writing, most of which are still on Amazon and in print.

He divides his time between homes in Vermont and NewYork.

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